RHEA Talk: Transforming Engineering with Digital Continuity

30 March 2023
15:00h - 16:00h
Organised by:
RHEA Group

Are you interested in digital continuity? Is it a buzz phrase you’ve heard and want to find out more about?

Discover the role played by concurrent design and the broader model-based system engineering (MBSE) capabilities as we work towards full digital continuity, while replacing a document-centric approach.

Engineering projects in the space sector, along with many other critical infrastructures, are renowned for their complexity and long lead times. System engineering helps facilitate the definition, design, build and verification of a system for its entire lifecycle, across all disciplines and throughout the supply chain. But how far away are we from true digital continuity and what are the processes needed to get there?

Find out from the expert panel of speakers from ESA, DEKonsult, Perpetual Labs and RHEA, who will be talking about digital continuity and explaining the value it offers.


– Sam Gerené, Competence Area Lead Concurrent Design & MBSE at RHEA – to provide an overview of digital continuity and set the scene for the other panellists

– Hans Peter de Koning, Principal and Systems Engineer, DEKonsult – the Godfather of concurrent design and SysML guru will discuss what a digital continuity utopia might look like

– Marcel Verhoef, Systems Engineer, Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality Systems & Concurrent Engineering at ESA – will provide an overview of ESA’s path towards digital continuity and how concurrent design provides the first step

– Alex Vorobiev, Project Manager at RHEA – will describe a specific project RHEA is undertaking for ESA that illustrates why digital continuity is so valuable

– Gianmaria Bullegas, Founder & CEO Perpetual Labs – will provide an overview of their new company, set up to enable users to share concurrent design in a safe environment on the web.

Moderator: Arne Matthyssen, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at RHEA Group