Protecting Vital Assets: Security Awareness Virtual Workshop - ASCLEPIOS

11 June 2021
10:00h - 15:00h
Organised by:
Secura B.V.

This workshop will focus on exploring the state of the art related to the transfer and processing of sensitive medical data. Attendees will take part in a comprehensive set of talks, covering aspects such as medical data privacy (GDPR), awareness aspects from the patient’s perspective and specific elements to know from an attacker’s perspective.

Finally, the ASCLEPIOS view and solution to the identified issues will be presented, together with the progress recorded in the project up to this point. The workshop will be designed in a fully virtual format, allowing the audience to follow the presentations, but also interact with the presenters and ask questions.

Feedback forms will be made available at the end of the workshop, to record the audience’s impression on this virtual event, and collect information which can be further included in the next editions of the workshop.

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