Nixu Cyber Coffee on Vulnerability Scanning

26 August 2020
09:00h - 09:30h
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Vulnerability scanning has always been a foundational component in solid cyber defense. However, tools, approaches and processes have evolved beyond what they used to be. New tooling introduces new possibilities to tackle modern applications, cloud environments and other challenges where tools of the previous generation fell short. As the world increasingly becomes cloud-native and environments are deployed and decommissioned dynamically, is vulnerability scanning still relevant? Or is it now more relevant than ever before?


In this webinar, Nixu’s vulnerability scanning expert Quinten Perquin, together with Matti Suominen, explores the role of vulnerability scanning as part of modern cyber defense.


Join us to hear about the latest trends as well as what works or doesn’t in practice. Please send us your questions beforehand to We have also reserved time for live Q&A.