Mobile 360 Conference: Privacy & Security

10 May 2016 - 11 May 2016
Hilton Den Haag
Organised by:
Gemeente Den Haag en GSMA

Introducing the latest event into the Mobile 360 Series! In contrast to our other regionally-focused Mobile 360 events, this one is entirely devoted to the topic of privacy and security across the global mobile enterprise ecosystem.

In cooperation with HSD and The Municipality of The Hague, Mobile 360 Series – Privacy & Security will explore the state of network security and data privacy today and examine best practices across a variety of industries. This event will include a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, technology demonstrations and in-depth case studies that address the growing importance of privacy and security across the globe.

Why Privacy and Security?
There is no denying that mobile technology is deeply embedded into our lives. More and more industries are incorporating mobile into their business models and leveraging digital communications. While this improves efficiencies and can create competitive advantages, it also adds additional challenges to organisations to protect both themselves and their customers. If this aspect of the business is ignored or done poorly, the results can be catastrophic to the organisation.

Who should attent?
This event  cuts across all industries and function areas. We recommend any company that is employing or anticipates deploying mobile technology into any aspect of their business attend Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security. This can include developing new products that embeds mobile, companies contemplating BYOD, organisations with mobile apps, or companies utilising mobile commerce.

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