Masterclass Blockchain in de Praktijk (1st session of 4 in total, March 9, March 16, March 23, and March 30)

09 March 2017
15:00h - 20:00h
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A masterclass for the strategic, organizational and technological impact of blockchain methodologies and solutions:
Aimed at:
> Business executives: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Strategic Directors, HR Directors, Innovation Managers, Business Development Managers
> IT software and Legacy system providers: Managing Directors, R&D Managers, Innovation Managers, Business Development Managers
> Municipalities, Cities, Trade Organizations and governmental institutions: Executive Management, Policy Makers, Innovation Managers, Change Managers, professionals dealing with organizational and technological transformation
> Thought leaders in corporate, academic and government organizations

In 4 sessions you’ll learn what Blockchain means to your organizations.

Day 1 : Blockchain fundamentals
What is blockchain technology, why is it important, what impact does it have and what is possible?
Explanation of the historical context, the concept, and functionality of Blockchain technology. An overview of different types of blockchains, their particular features and pros and cons in relation to different elds of applications (introducing the “Blockchain decision table”).

Day 2 : Blockchain Use cases
The application of Blockchain in various domains (in both the public as well as the private sector) and the impact on indus- tries and regulation.
Examination of use cases which provides in- sight into the application of Blockchain tech- nology in your own organization. Business processes, business models and organiza- tional structures are changing due to digital disruption. We provide a model to evaluate the application of Blockchain technology (introducing the “business heat map”).

Day 3 : Applying Blockchain metho- dology and technology
How ‘do I make a Blockchain’? How and where can I deploy this in my organizati- on?
Op interactieve manier reiken we een
In an interactive way we’ll reach a metho- dology which allows us to identify, de ne and prototype use cases. Subsequently, we’ll dive deeper into the functionality of the technology by developing a case in greater detail using the BECON Blockchain stack.

Day 4 : Implementing Blockchain
Prototyping smart contracts, and the DOs and DON’Ts of implementing Block- chain technology
The BECON Blockchain stack is highly user-friendly when it comes to prototyping business processes and smart contracts. Participants are able to practice and explore what’s possible. In additional, we’ll discuss factors that contribute to a successful imple- mentation of Blockchain technology.