IDnext '19 - The European Digital IDentity (un)-conference, The Netherlands

25 September 2019 - 26 September 2019
New Babylon Meeting Center, The Hague, The Netherlands
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The program is built around the true key issues of the digital identity of both public and private
organisations. It is the ID users leading network and knowledge sharing event and supported by SIDN.
Main theme of the event is "Digitisation of society is the internet's new frontier". As the digitisation of society gathers pace, it exerts increasing influence on the economy, society and everyday life. Secure digital identities are a prerequisite for trust in the digital world. By bringing the world of technology and the world of the user together at the IDnext event, we are looking to promote innovation in the fields of digital identification and privacy, security and trust.

Active participation during IDnext '19 offers unique opportunities of interaction, dissemination of knowledge and experience with your peers. This event is intended to help you and all other attendees find the time and space to talk and learn from each other.


Request for Presentations
IDnext event is the European (un)-conference built around the true key issues of the digital identity of both private and public organizations. It is ID user’s leading network and knowledge sharing event organized in close collaboration with SIDN.

Individuals with professional experience in research, development, manufacturing, innovation, consulting, market analysis or management within companies or organizations active in the world of digital identity are INVITED to submit a presentation to the program committee for evaluation by 29th May 2019.

Contributions must be original, previously unpublished and submitted in English. Presentations will be evaluated on the basis of content, complementary value to the program, originality, topicality, relevance, clarity and the caliber of the speaker. Presentations should reflect the scope of the event. 

Please note that in the selection process, case histories, high-impact projects and end-user presentations will be favored. This event aims to be an informative and substantive event; as such, commercial presentations will be rejected.

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