ICP theme 2016: Uncover & nurture opportunities for growth.

08 March 2016
16:00h - 18:00h
The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Hague
Organised by:
International Community Platform

The International Community Platform (ICP) is an employers’platform with the mission to improve the working and living environment for global talent and thereby, improving the (foreign) investment climate for business, including start ups, innovative midcaps, large multinationals and the (N)GO world. ICP research shows that the offer (WHAT) of life-career factors is OK, the accessibility (HOW) to growth opportunities is a far bigger challenge. Poor connections in the glocal (labour) market leave an enormous potential for employers (S-M-L) and other stakeholders untapped.

- Opening by Nikolas Dimitrov, ICP Board Member and Distinguished Fellow, THIGJ 
-  ICP Strategy 2016 – Nicole van Haelst
- Tap into your knowledge session – (International) growth challenges 
- Drinks and bites

TAP gives you the opportunity to network with other international companies and experts to create mutual opportunities for growth.This idea is at the core of the ICP Knowledge Partnership that is offered to you as well. Due to the limited space available at the location, please register max. 2 persons from your organisation. Register here.

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