HSD Café: High Impact Crime

15 October 2015
16:00h - 17:45h
HSD Campus
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The coming HSD Café on October 15th will be about High Impact Crime. Although the figure of burglaries went down in 2014, there were still well over 70,000 (attempted) burglaries reported. Reducing crime, such as burglaries, is one of the top priorities of the department of Security and Justice, as it heavily influences our perception and feeling of security. Obviously, such crimes tend to have an enormous impact on our everyday life. Against that backdrop, the HSD-Café will look at this type of High Impact Crime. What do we really know about this type of crime? What are the (technological) trends in regard to the prevention of burglaries? Furthermore, we will reflect on the cooperation between different actors in preventing burglary in a variety of sectors: homes, industrial areas and care institutions. If you would like to join the discussion, please register via the register button.

The HSD Café is set up as follows:
- First, Dhr. Marko van Leeuwen (Association of Insurers) will give a presentation on the current rends and the Risk Monitor Burglaries;
- Second, Nelda Boersma (Public Prosecutor) will reflect on the role of the Public Prosecutor, the difficulties they encounter, and the cooperation with law enforcement agencies and municipalities;
- Third, Dr. Jan Otten (DITSS) will expand on the technological innovations in regard to the prevention of burglaries;
- Fourth, Jurn Quadt of Perron 14 will inform us on their Burglary-prevention campaign in cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam.

At 16:20, the presentations will be followed by a discussion, which allows the audience to get actively involved.

From 17.00 onwards the bar is open for (free) drinks and there will be ample opportunity to network.

About the HSD Café
The HSD Cafés are organised for HSD partners ánd those interested on every first and third Thursday of each month (except on public holidays). From cyber security, drones to critical infrastructure, 20 sessions will be organised around security topics relevant for businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions. In the first hour (16.00-17.00) of each HSD Café, experts will briefly present a security topic, dilemma, or innovation, followed by an informal discussion.

The second part of the HSD Café (17.00-17.45) will consist of drinks and a possibility to network. The HSD Cafés provide an excellent opportunity to meet (potential) business partners, bring along your contacts, expand your knowledge, and shape the debate on key security issues of the future. Tell us what you think. Let your voice count, expand your network, and join the debate!

Unfortunately there is no parking available underneath the HSD Campus. From 14.00h. you can park for free in the neighbourhood.

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