HSD Café: ‘Does Security without Usability Lead to Failure?’

07 April 2016
HSD Campus
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As security measures tend to increase, they oftentimes come at the expense of usability. Complicated passwords containing a variety of symbols, multiple authentication stages, and changing keys are common tools used to enhance security. However, as such procedures are becoming increasingly cumbersome, individuals are more likely to work around them, which increases risk even further. Rather than following the security procedure, they will store data on their personal computer or email it to their private email address. So does security without usability lead to failure?


During our upcoming HSD-Café we have invited a series of experts that will discuss various aspects of the tension between security and usability. Can we have usability in a security system without sensitivity to the work being done? What happens when security procedures become too complex or time-consuming? More importantly, how can we enhance both security and usability? And what are the opportunities to develop solutions for these issues within the HSD network?


The HSD Café is set up as follows:

From 16:00 until 16:30, experts will share their insights on the matter through brief presentations. They include:

  • Rick van der Kleij (Senior scientist at TNO) will discuss the tension between security and usability and how it affects user experience
  • Marc Minnee (Founder of Propulsion) will elaborate on how the government deal with this tradeoff and how HSD Partners can contribute.
  • Sebastiaan de Vries (EY) will elaborate on his research concerning the tradeoff between security and usability.

At 16:30, the brief presentations will be followed by a discussion, in which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their views.


From 17:00 onwards, the bar is open for drinks and there will be ample opportunity to network and meet industry experts in this field.


About the HSD Café

16.00-17.00 Presentation + Discussion
17.00-17.45 Drinks and networking

The HSD Cafés are organized for HSD partners on every first and third Thursday of each month (except on public holidays). From cyber to critical infrastructure, 20 sessions will be organized around security topics relevant for companies, the government, and knowledge organizations. In the first hour (16.00-17.00) of each HSD Café, an expert will briefly present a security topic, dilemma, or innovation, followed by an informal discussion. The second part of the HSD Café (17.00-17.45) will consist of drinks and a possibility to network.  The HSD Cafés provide an excellent opportunity to meet (potential) business partners, bring along your contacts, expand your knowledge, and shape the debate on key security issues of the future. Tell us what you think. Let your voice count, expand your network, and join the debate.