HackInTheBox Security Conference 2016

23 May 2016 - 27 May 2016
NH Grand Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam
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Back at the newly refurbished NH Grand Krasnapolsky, HITB2016AMS takes place from the 23rd till the 27th of May 2016 and features 2 and 3 days of technical trainings followed by a 2-day conference with a Capture the Flag competition, technology exhibition and mini Haxpo hackerspaces village for hackers, makers, builders and breakers. The Call for Papers for the conference is now open and the first round of accepted speakers will be announced in the first week of January. As always, do follow @HITBSecConf on Twitter for the latest event updates.


Training 1: The ARM Exploit Laboratory

This year, we bring you a brand new class. The ARM Exploit Laboratory debuts in 2016, bringing you an intense 3 day course featuring a practical hands-on approach to exploit development on ARM based systems.

The class begins with an introduction to ARM architecture and ARM assembly language and moves quickly onto debugging techniques for ARM systems, exploiting buffer overflows on unix and Windows running on ARM computers and bypassing exploit mitigation techniques with ARM Return Oriented Programming (ROP).

We end the class with a mini “Capture The Flag” contest where you shall put your newly acquired exploit writing skills to test in a near-real-world environment.

As with the popular Exploit Laboratory, all topics are delivered in a down-to-earth, learn-by-example methodology. The same trainers who brought you The Exploit Laboratory for over 10 years have been working hard in putting together advanced material based on past feedback.


Training 2: The Art of Escape

Coming back from dinner to find your room tossed on a business trip, or if the city you live in fell into crisis and disarray and you had to survive for 72 hours – or get out – could you? Could you escape an attempted kidnapping, move through the city unnoticed, or commandeer a boat to escape Amsterdam? Could you guarantee that the data you carry is held confidential and untampered, or would you know if it was?

After you take Rift Recon’s three-day Art of Escape workshop, you’ll answer yes to all these questions, and more. Over three intensive days, two of the physical security industry’s most sought-after professionals from Rift Recon will go hands-on with students in an immersive class that arms you with the basics to outsmart, outmaneuver and survive in a destabilized city.

Rift’s trainers pull from their wealth of knowledge as former military contractors and professional security detail work for high net worth individuals to ensure students emerge from The Art of Escape confident to:

•Perform threat analysis; learn to monitor your hotel room, private space, and mobile devices

•Commandeer a boat, car or motorcycle and navigate out of the Amsterdam Area

•Execute covert movement; move through a crowd unnoticed

•Escape a kidnapping (open handcuffs, duct tape, rope, etc.)

•Find food, water, shelter

•Use a radio for information and communication

•Gain access to restricted or unauthorized areas; pick and open locks

•Create alternative identification; find currency

•Escape pursuit on foot and in a vehicle; plan escape routes


Training 3: Advanced LTE Security

In this training we will digging into LTE eUTRAN and EPC protocols, standardized and proprietary telecom Core Network protocols. The training will show the various attack surfaces for the new LTE networks and protocols allowing us to show the impact of vulnerabilities for each network element.


Official HSD partners get a discount of 100,- Euro by putting HSD_NL after their company name on the registration form. The organisation will verify this with HSD.