Gratis seminar - The art of creating an escape room by Thijs Bosschert

14 December 2017
14:00h - 15:30h
Maanplein 55, Den Haag
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The last Guest Hacker Program of 2017 promises to be a good one! The awesome Thijs Bosschert wil give a keynote about his experience in designing Escape Rooms. As always registration beforehand is mandatory, please do so by sending an email to Please also bring your ID or drivers license!

At this moment there are 550+ escape rooms in The Netherlands alone. However, not all rooms are equal, and there is a vast difference in escape room experiences and quality. This talk, presented by an experienced escape room designer, will go in to all the facets of designing and building an escape room. It will show how to create the best experience for the players, the pitfalls and how to design the puzzles and puzzle flows. It will further give an insight in to the technique used behind the sound, lightning and puzzle interactions.

This talk is an updated version of the talk that previously was given at the SHA2017 hacker conference.

Thijs is a technically strong and creative freelance security professional focused on solving any incident or challenge he comes across. Thijs has a background in incident response, forensics and penetration testing, and knows how to bridge the gap between technical people and upper management. Thijs tries to share his knowledge with his employees, colleagues and customers as much as possible which also includes giving training, workshops and public presentations. Thijs is a core and founding member of the Eindbazen CTF team, he further was part of the Hack.ERS CTF team that won the Global CyberLympics in 2012 & 2013 and the Jobless Hackers CTF team which took the European title and 2nd place in the 2016 CyberLympics.
Thijs further designs and builds Escape Rooms including writing the scenario's, designing and creating puzzles, sounds and light effects, control software etc.