Cybersecurity & Financial Crime Roundtable

11 July 2019
09:00h - 11:30h
Levi9 Muiderstraat 1, 1011 PZ Amsterdam
Organised by:
Holland Fintech


The core goal of financial crime is elegant in its simplicity, an unlawful conversion of property for one’s own personal gain, yet inextricably versatile in its practice as criminals tirelessly pursue exploitable vulnerabilities. Where once physical assets were protected under lock and key, a revolutionary wave of FinTech has digitised value as well as the locks and keys protecting it. Cybersecurity is the new vanguard against financial crime – protecting financial data, resources and business processes against (increasingly technological) exploitation.
Combining discussion on both the new vulnerabilities these technologies expose the financial system to as well as the innovative solutions protecting it, is our Financial Crime and Cybersecurity Innovative Technologies RoundTable.

This event will meld the minds of key stakeholders in the Dutch financial services industry to dissect how financial crime and cybersecurity can develop a robust defense mechanism against cybercrime. Three key themes will direct discussion, knowledge sharing and information validation between these players:


• The security – business growth dichotomy.
The onboarding process is the gateway to both financial services, and financial crime – as money launderers and other nefarious players are enabled via this portal – however complete security is unviable.

So where is the equilibrium between sufficient KYC measures and viable business growth, which is directed by both greater and quicker access to these services?

How can providers reduce the friction of on-boarding, payment initiation services and account information sharing whilst ensuring its protection?


• The regulatory reach of PSD2.
As firms ‘open’ up their services and information, particularly by providing their APIs to TPPs, significantly greater attack surface is exposed to potential cyber adversaries, with critical applications less ably hidden behind perimeter firewalls.

What additional KYC burdens are placed on financial institutions when opening their APIs, and how many extra measures should be taken when dealing with TPPs?

What initiatives are the regulators taking to increase transparency and communication lines to financial institutions?


• What the market is doing.
Oftentimes the greatest insights can be gained by those on the front line, so we will invite a swathe of cybersecurity firms to describe their solutions ranging from KYC checks to regulatory reporting solutions.


We are excited to connect like-minded companies and individuals who can jointly contribute to creating an information centre for improving cybersecurity and reducing financial crime by championing the innovative solutions and technology available.


Date: July 11th, 2019

Time: 9.00 – 11.30

Location: Levi9 (Muiderstraat 1, 1011 PZ )

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