Cyber Security Talks webinar - Dissecting 20 years of Cyber

16 April 2020 - 23 April 2020
Organised by:
Cybersprint & Cyber Security Recruitment

Due to the Corona Outbreak Cyber Securty Talks will take place online. Over the course of the next weeks, there will be multiple Cyber Security Talks Webinars hosted. 


Join on Thursday, April 16th, at 12PM (Amsterdam time) for an interactive webinar with Eward Driehuis ( Eward is a cybersecurity & tech veteran, having worked in four continents for over 24 years. He currently is the SVP of Strategy at Cybersprint. Prior to this he worked for companies such as OGD, Fox-IT, and Securelink. Eward has dealt with bad guys, good guys and guys meaning well but with devastating consequences.


Strap in for a rollercoaster ride through 20 years of dealing with threats. What happens when a spie and a robber walk into a bar? What vulnerabilities create traffic jams? And why is the "slow economic" motivation bad for the economy? Find out the answers at risk of leaving with a few more.


But most of all this will be an open and interactive session. So if you always wanted to ask your questions to a cyber legend? This is your chance!

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