CIVILnEXt Webinar on Innovation Potential

29 January 2021
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Join the CIVILnEXt webinar on innovation potential for an Operation Control Platform for civilian missions, on January 29th 2021.


Under its new coordination, by our organization (KEMEA), the project is now oriented to a more specific spectrum of project outcomes / applications, leading to enhanced coordination capacity for civilian missions among EU member states and their interaction with relevant EU bodies from a national, EU  and international perspective.


This online event aims to bring together all interested stakeholders from Industry, Academia, Research, Government Institutions, Ministries, Policy Makers and EU institutions to initiate discussions regarding the current market status and Innovation Potential of the project based on the re-orientation of the project which will eventually lead to the release of a Tender.


If you wish to attend the event, registration is now open at



What is CIVILnEXt?


CIVILnEXt is an EU Horizon 2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project with an amount of € 7,777,700.00 available for the procurement of R&D Services.

The common vision for CIVILnEXt is to develop an innovative holistic, secure, and cost-effective Operation Control Platform (OCP) to facilitate the needs and demands arising from operations conducted by EU Member States on a national or multinational scale, regarding civilian missions, not exclusively in the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) framework. This platform will be tested and evaluated in two long period pilots in Greek and Spanish territory (or missions), across different scenarios, operational environments, and socio-political settings, to determine its validity, robustness and versatility under the responsibility of the CIVILnEXt buyers group: Guardia Civil, Hellenic Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, United Nations International Organization for Migration, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) /Hellenic Police.