Awareness Campaign: Week of Integrity

01 December 2016 - 09 December 2016
09:00h - 18:00h
Organised by:
ICC Netherlands

Institute for Financial Crime is Partner of the Week of Integrity!

The Week of Integrity is an annual awareness campaign. During the campaign, various parties will join forces to raise awareness of the importance of ethical behavior. Government, industry and civil society will organize relevant activities during the Week of Integrity. In this way we create momentum and show that ethical behavior is everyone’s responsibility.

Aim of the initiative
The Week of Integrity aims to raise awareness and promote ethical behavior in both the workplace and in the boardroom. The campaign will bring together the public and private sector. Collective action will increase impact. The Week of Integrity will contribute to the debate about what ethical behavior means in practice, for organizations and individuals. What can we expect from employees, officers and directors? But also, what is the responsibility of politicians? And what can companies do to prevent and combat fraud and corruption within the Netherlands and abroad if they are involved in international trade?

The campaign period
The campaign week will take place from 1 to 9 December 2016. On Thursday 1 December, the campaign will be kicked off. On Friday 9 December, a closing conference will evaluate the campaign and formulate an Integrity Agenda for 2017. This coincides with the International UN Anti-Corruption Day, which could result in synergies with international initiatives and international (media) attention.

Integrity is everyone’s responsibility
Ethical behavior means doing what you are supposed to do and being able to justify your actions. An ethical organization is an organization that does justice to the people and organizations it works with. It is an organization that is trusted, both from within and from the outside.

What does ethical behavior mean on a day-to-day basis? When does one behave ethically as an individual or as an organization? Although the increased attention for fraud and corruption issues is positive, only rules and enforcement are insufficient to combat it effectively. Promoting conduct based on ethical values, not only improves the organization’s culture, but also its functioning.

The Week of Integrity is an umbrella campaign that largely consists of the activities of the partners of the Week of Integrity, and focuses on the visibility of the initiative through various communication channels, including the campaign website and media attention.

Every organization can become a partner of the Week of Integrity, as long as it follows the basic principles:

  • An organization becomes partner after receiving confirmation of their registration, for which they have sent a filled-out registration form to
  • Partners organize their own activities during the campaign week (1 to 9 December 2016) and are will use the logo and campaign materials of the Week of Integrity in their (related) communications and promote the website via own activities and communication channels.
  • All partners are listed on the campaign website of the Week of Integrity.
  • The activity that is organized during the Week of Integrity has no commercial intent.
  • Becoming a partner is free of charge.

In the months ahead of the Week of Integrity a number of partner and networking meetings will be organized. Those will provide an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences and find inspiration. The first partner event is planned on Tuesday 25 October from 16.00 to 18.00 hours, including networking drinks.

Please download the registration form from You can register your organization as a partner of the Week of Integrity (for free). For more information about the campaign and on opportunities to sponsor the conference on 9 December, please contact ICC Netherlands, initiator and coordinator of the Week of Integrity.

The Week of Integrity is an initiative of ICC Netherlands. ICC has been a pioneer in the fight against corruption, issuing its first version of the ICC Rules of Conduct to combat Extortion and Bribery in 1977. ICC is at the forefront of the development of ethics, anti-corruption and corporate responsibility advocacy codes and guidelines, providing a lead voice for the business community in this rapidly changing field.


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