07 October 2021
16:00h - 19:00h
Organised by:

Accenture invites you to represent the Netherlands in the European student battle. During the battle, you will get the chance to unite forces with fellow students and compete against students from other countries. The task? Solve a Cyber Resilient Behavior challenge together! 

The goal of this battle is to show them your skills, become a cybersecurity behavior champion and familiarize yourself with Accenture.

Who is Accenture looking for?

Accenture is looking for enthusiastic students at Dutch universities in their final Bachelor or Master year with a background in behavior change or cybersecurity that aspire to learn more about consulting work of related topics.

If you’re a team player with strong analytical and communications skills, ambitious and proactive, as well as having affinity and ambition to grow in this area, come and join!

(Of course, you’re Fluent in English, both spoken and written.)

What can you expect?

Attend the European student battle and learn more on what we offer on the human element in cybersecurity. Every member of the winner team will get a 1:1 guidance during his/her application at Accenture, as well as a surprise gift!


  • Presentation from our Talent & Organization and Cybersecurity team
  • Battle with other European student teams in the Cyber Resilient Behavior challenge 
  • Introduction to a day in the life of a consultant at Accenture
  • Ask anything to our consultant panel