Curtis Partoredjo
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For SME’s, Cybersecurity often hangs around a bit - if only because of the cost. To eliminate that problem, tien security offer "Security-as-a-Service. "Especially with Cybercrime, prevention is better than cure."


System and computer security at the advanced level of tien security is usually only for multinationals and other large companies. Companies of 20-300 employees often depend on their IT supplier or Managed Service Provider (MSP) for their Cybersecurity.

These parties are generally generalists, we the specialist. We have specifically put together a security package of the best technologies on the market; smart monitoring, scanning and detection software to protect against ransomware, hackers and other Cyber incidents, among others, but also a Security Awareness platform to train employees. IT suppliers and MSP's may benefit from this because they can resell our service (white-labeled) as part of their services. In this way, we complement each other.


That (SOC)services such as XDR, e-mail protection, Web Application Firewalls and security of, for example, webshops now fall within the (financial) reach of SME's is a conscious choice. With a well thought-out subscription system, based on the number of employees and not on numbers of computers or servers, and a strategy focused on prevention, costs are kept low.


This manageable proposition has a pragmatic side, but also an idealistic one. Multinationals have resources to take care of their Cybersecurity, and should things go wrong, they can bear the consequences. The situation is different for small and medium-sized companies; they can quickly fall on hard times. This is why our subscriptions can be extended to include Cyber Insurance. 

The Cybersecurity market is extremely fragmented; for those who can no longer see the forest for the trees, we bring overview and clarity. We let technology work for us, making our services affordable, transparent and, above all, available.