Frank van Summeren
06 15 25 95 34
Prinses Irenelaan 210
2273 DE Voorburg

Stichting Alumni Integrale Veiligheid (AIV) is a foundation for graduates (and students) in Integrated Safety and Security Management throughout the country. The foundation is founded in 2009 by graduates in Integrated Safety and Security Management from multiple institutes. AIV aims to professionalize and interpret this new and unique discipline by networking and sharing knowledge.


We offer a wide variety of events (about 10 times a year), whereby we try to touch upon every aspect of Integrated Safety and Security Management. Our (networking) events are informal and are visited by a variety of people, who are roughly between 18 and 35 years old. For example, students, graduates looking for a job and graduates who are willing to stay informed about developments in the field and wish to expand their network.