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SDR is developed by behavioral profiling expert Ran Cohen, the Search Detect React® (SDR®) method is an operationally proven approach to accurately uncover malicious intent by attuning senses and sharpening natural instincts.


SDR is a proactive security method and philosophy with a focus on effective prevention rather than reaction. SDR negates ethnic profiling and allows users to detect abnormal behavior before it becomes harmful action.


SDR Academy offers a new approach to safety and security by focusing on prevention instead of reaction. We provide heightened awareness training—especially modified for each client—that facilitates early detection of malicious intent.


SDR is a proactive security method and philosophy that provides the capabilities to detect imminent threats to public order in mass crowd environments, and the tools to effectively prevent harmful events. SDR furthermore strengthens the effectiveness and efficiency of security practices with unique procedures and protocols that simultaneously negate ethnic profiling and aid personnel in justifying their actions.


As technology develops and progresses, it is imperative that human situational awareness skills and capabilities not fall by the wayside. Rather, heightened situational awareness needs to be the leading component of public security. To embrace the most effective and progressive method of situational awareness, security personnel on the ground and behind the screens need to stop looking for suspects, and start looking for abnormalities. Searching for abnormalities is proactive security, rather than reactive.