L. Kampman
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Blaak 28, 3011 TA Rotterdam

We are a law firm that often works for clients in vital/critical sectors such as energy companies, refineries, tank storage companies, transport companies, food-related companies and other companies. We are based in Rotterdam but we work on a national and on an international level.


We provide advices that regard cyberresilience, but often also more general (fysical) safety-issues. We assist in crises. We help our clients to comply with new cybersecurity-legislation, such as for instance the NIS2 and the DORA. And we provide legal assistance to victims of cybercrime.


Leading in our cybersecurity team are Hugo van Aardenne and Jouko Barensen. Hugo is a very experienced lawyer who has worked as a criminal lawyer for various offices before he started working with Ploum. Jouko has worked with the Public Prosecutors Office for years. He was a Public Prosecutor before he joined Ploum in 2017. Both have a lot of experience with fraud cases and large criminal investigations.


Apart from being experts in criminal law, Hugo and Jouko are also specialized in cybersecurity legislation. They have in-depth knowledge about the NIS2 and the DORA, but also of the authorities that their clients are dealing with.


We are strong in legal advice, but also in litigation and in internal investigations. We have various sector-teams that regard, for instance cybersecurity, energy, transport & logistics, finance, as well as administrative and criminal inspections/enforcement.

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