J. Wynne
Herengracht 493, 1017 BT, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

About P-X Systems:

P-X Systems was founded in 2015. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, P-X Systems is a 100% wholly owned Dutch company engaged in the research and development of high-end cyber security products.


The digital revolution, including the massive employment of connectivity to facilitate business optimisation, is not slowing down. This means that digital infrastructures will continue to grow more and more complex, creating increasingly larger gaps in cyber defences. At P-X Systems, we develop network intrusion detection technology that industrial and enterprise level users can employ to help close these emerging gaps.


Product Highlights:

P-X technology combines two design elements to help close the aforementioned gaps.

Firstly, P-X employs an innovative detection engine that’s capable of filtering out a range of known and unknown threats through a methodology similar to the way the human immune system discovers pathogens. Secondly, P-X employs an architecture that allows for deployment into formerly unsolvable or neglected blind spots due to a one-of-a-kind multilateral setup.


The P-X engine offers users a network intrusion detection tool to help combat contemporary threats. The multilateral setup of the system offers users a flexible solution to solve (emerging) blind spots, and a way to differentiate from the legacy approach of perimeter hardening. To help leverage these advantages, P-X has been designed to be deployed non-intrusively. This means no adaptations to the client infrastructure have to be made for P-X to function.

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