Huib Korsten
Cereslaan 8
5384 VT

OrcaGroup is dedicated to improving the incident response of organizations. We provide high-end notification systems for incident management. Our SaaS platform makes sure that key stakeholders receive the information they need for making the right decisions when every second counts.


OrcaGroup software is used in multiple areas. It is an essential tool for IT incident management, for managing major incidents and improving on mean time to repair. In crisis management, our platform supports emergency teams and first responders, providing them with the crucial information they need to act effectively. The software also plays a pivotal role in incident notification for technical installations, ensuring swift communication when system integrity is at stake. Our comprehensive application across various domains underscores our commitment to delivering a robust and adaptable solution for a wide range of critical communication needs.


Multinationals and government organizations trust OrcaGroup to optimize the quality and speed of communication so that the impact of any incident is minimized. With more than 250.000 users we are the leading provider of notification SaaS in the Netherlands.