Stefan Barten
Galvanistraat 38
6716 AE Ede

Your reliable partner for industrial data communication, computing, and networking solutions within specialized markets. With 45+ years of experience, we deliver top-notch industrial network solutions and expert support to ensure successful OT deployment. 


We collaborate with partners such as Moxa, Westermo, TXOne, and Robustel. Our dedicated experts handle the design and implementation of sustainable data infrastructures in complex scenarios which include, among others, power plants, water treatment facilities, penitentiary institutions, and intelligent traffic systems.


We believe that an engineer with your level of responsibility should be able to rely on top-level experts with knowledge and experience. This ensures that your organization is optimally equipped with the safest and most reliable OT network solution, allowing you to plan years ahead and receive timely upgrades throughout the system’s entire lifespan.


Part of our proposition is:

  • network and cybersecurity scans and reporting
  • network design
  • commissioning (FAT/SAT)
  • maintenance (SLA)


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