The Global Cybersecurity Resource (GCR) was established and is managed by the Technology Innovation Management program of Carleton University. The GCR is equipping high growth cybersecurity and cybersecurity-differentiated companies with the skills, resources and linkages required to be successful. Additionally, the GCR services individuals who wish to develop cybersecurity capabilities and consumers of cybersecurity services. The GCR operates from Bayview Yards, the premier innovation hub in Canada’s capital city.


Global EPIC

GCR and HSD are partners within the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity (Global EPIC). This initiative has been founded to enable the future securely through the development and sharing of new knowledge in the field of cyber security – leading to societal, economic and technological impact in a timely fashion. It will do this by building a global community of innovation ecosystems who will collaborate on projects and share expertise through an expanding network of diverse organizations.  This initiative will see 14 global ecosystems co-creating and adopting world-changing solutions to high-impact cybersecurity challenges, both current and emergent. The ecosystems involved come from over 10 different countries spanning three continents, reflecting the truly global nature of the partnership.