Eric Goosen
Sales Manager

Cegeka originated as part of the reconversion plan of the Kempen Coal Mines in 1988. It consisted of a data centre and a small team of about 30 people that provided some mainframe services to a limited number of customers. In 1991, VCST (Volvo Cars Sint-Truiden) became a new shareholder of Cegeka. Founder, André Knaepen was IT manager at VCST at the time.

There was no long-term vision. In 1992, the enterprise wanted to stop providing services, but the opposite became true. André Knaepen put all his savings into Cegeka, buying out the shareholders with the promise to the people to make Cegeka successful.

André Knaepen grew up in a simple family where common sense, respect, honesty, authenticity and entrepreneurship were central. These family values, combined with a team of strong people and a strong vision form the foundation on which our future is built.