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The 21st Century has commenced for our world with new opportunities and challenges. We are now going through a very perilous period in the history of mankind. The 20th Century came to an end by bringing us more natural disaster and calamities, wars, low intensity conflicts and terrorist attacks on civilians.


At the same time nations are facing multitudes of risks and challenges brought by Mother Nature, which are manifested in Tsunamis, earthquakes and floods. To enable nations to cope with both these natural disasters and man-made calamities including deliberate acts of terrorism and sabotage which have been exacerbated by better access to technology and destructive means, one needs to develop a comprehensive and all encompassing approach to safety and security of the nations.


The paradigm of international security landscape shows the various aspects of safety and security of the country are inseparable and must be treated in their entirety. It requires a well elaborated risk assessment, risk analysis and prioritization approach to them. Then it needs to have a comprehensive program for prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and resilience. CASI offers solutions for all or each segment of this overall safety and security approach being by the government or private sector, for dealing with accidental events or deliberate release of dangerous agents.


CASI has solutions for the security of big organizations dealing with risky business; safety of refineries in oil industry, petrochemicals, gas and chemical sectors, making them minimize their risks and preparing them to deal with any eventuality. It  offers modular training schemes for safety and security of airport, subway stations, centers of population which covers all involved at strategic, tactical and operations levels. It also provides training to first responders and help them develop integrated response plan and unified command system. This comes with more than a decade of experience in dealing with such safety and security challenges at national as well as international level. The return on your investment will be in hundreds of times bigger than you expected.

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