Yvonne Couwenberg
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As a manager, director or policymaker you experience the urgency on the social issues that lie ahead. Challenging issues such as ensuring a safe society, providing suitable and affordable housing, employment and economic challenges, the joint battle against crime, the constantly changing perspective in the social domain and the health care, the consequences of climate change and opportunities on the field of sustainability. Citizens are also on the move and your playing field for finding appropriate solutions, is changing and renewing.


Socially driven

The BlomBerg Institute brings the ‘outside world’ inside for you. Because more equal relations and less hierarchy require you to let go of old structures, and to discover new connections. Especially outside of your own domain. From this basis, the BlomBerg Institute initiates and organises meetings for public sectors and stakeholders from the business world, knowledge institutions, science and citizens initiatives.


From thinking to doing

Inspiring content, interaction, contemporary alliances and strong administrative connections offer you support, added value, acceleration and concrete action perspectives for challenges in which you can make a social difference. In this way, you will go ‘from thinking to doing’; at the heart of society and close to the citizen.

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