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The National Security Advisory Centre (NSAC) also known as Adviescentrum BVI was founded in May 2010 and at present consists of nine senior experts with a wide range of expertise. This expertise lies in the fields of Security Risk Management, Terrorist Threat and Risk Analysis, CBRNe Assessments and Mitigation, Business Continuity Management, Insider Threat, Emergency and Crisis Management and Cyber Security – including Information, ICT, ICS and SCADA Security.We have worked for the European Commission, NEN (the Dutch standardization institute), the Dutch government, municipalities, industry associations, operators of National Critical Infrastructure and private companies in various sectors. We are member of the relevant NEN, CEN and ISO Technical Committees on Societal and Citizen Security (CEN/TC 391 and ISO/TC 292) in which standards for Security, Emergency Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management and Operational Information Exchange are drafted.


Furthermore NSAC supports the European Commission as reviewer and evaluator for FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects and is familiar with all ins and outs of drafting excellent proposals.   We can support initiatives by drafting the proposal, engaging with the stakeholders and end-users, developing realistic use-case scenarios, , researching state of the art, gathering end-user requirements, participating in the standardization work, and evaluating, reviewing and testing innovative solutions, assisting in the management activities (WP-lead, Ethical board, Quality Management) and dissemination and exploitation of results.

Adviescentrum BVI 2

Familiar with CIP
• Energy, Telecom, Water, Aviation, Rail, Shipping, Nuclear, Petro/Chemical
• The Clockwork, Culture, (inter)dependencies  
• Good practices and regulations

Insight in the risk situation
• Assets, Business Impact, Dependencies
• Threats - physical and cyber
• Security Vulnerability Analysis
• Methods for Risk Assessment
• Assessing the effectiveness of measures

Measures and implementation
• Risk Management Concepts
• Design and validation of measures
• Conducting the implementation
• Interim Management

Domain of expertise
• Physical Security and CPTED
• ICT and Information Security
• Process Control (SCADA) Security
• CBRNe, HPM, Incendiary, Cybercrime  
• Terrorism, Delinquency, Fraud
• Technical Failures, Acts of God
• Awareness, Training, Exercise
• Administrative and Legal, NL and EU

Management Practices
• Security Risk Management
• Business Continuity Management
• Information / Cyber / ICS  Security Management
• Organisational Resilience Management
• Crises, Disaster and Recovery Management

Activities within Security Delta