Maxim Kostin
Parkstraat 20, The Hague, 2514JK

AccessHub - easy to use and secure access control system for remote digital assets and resources without passwords by using the trusted personal certificate in a secure environment.

Everyone needs an easy and secure remote access to social and corporate resources, payments and financial accounts, cloud storages, remote desktops and servers, connected devices and sensors, but passwords are obsolete and dangerous, MFA is not convenient and expensive, PKI is too complicated. Viruses, key loggers, malware, social engineering methods are mainly focused on user’s identities and credentials.


Our approach is based on the smart management of personal certificates that is fully automated, secure and transparent for end-users. The personal certificates are used for user’s identification and strong, multifactor authentication instead of classical password-based methods. The AccessHub system consists of AccessHub BackEnd software and AccessHub MiddleWare. Both components could be delivered in a form of software packages as well as integrated with dedicated hardware appliances.  We offer different secure clients with a pre-integrated AccessHub middleware that suit best for different industries and scenarios of usage– USB-dongles, IoT controllers, ASICs, mobile applications. 


We also provide our customers with different cloud-based applications including Dedicated VPN-on-Demand, PasswordFree Single-Sign-On, Secure File Storage, Private Messaging, Secure Remote Desktop.


AccessHub IoT Gateway/Broker is a highly secure appliance with a pre-integrated AccessHub BackEnd software and secure MQTT broker’s implementation is essential for local IoT systems which are requiring remote access and control. This appliance allows providing strong mutual certificate-based authentication and secure data exchange between different devices, sensors, machines, services and supervisors