Webinar: In Control of Water Sector Cybersecurity Threats

11 March 2021
11:00h - 11:45h
Organised by:
Secura B.V.

Rapidly advancing digitalization and connectivity have provided the water sector with incredible benefits in analytics, visualization and predictive and remote maintenance that have allowed utilities to extend asset life, improve service levels and supply reliability while increasing operational efficiency.

However, as the recent cybersecurity incidents at water facilities in Oldsmar (Florida, USA) and in several other countries have shown, the water sector's risk profile has also changed while many companies are struggling to adapt. Threats ranging from ransomware and disgruntled or careless insiders to targeted attacks and opportunists aiming to impact supply reliability or water quality have the potential to significantly affect operations and safety in this vital sector.

In this webinar, Secura will discuss and contextualize various threats facing the water sector, illustrated using real-world incidents, and walk you through the ways in which you can get in control of your cybersecurity in an effective manner.

Target Audience:
* IT & OT Security Managers
* Directors of Utility Operations

- Overview of Water Sector Threats
- Real-World Incident Case Studies
- Getting in control
- Q&A

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