Seminar met Boekpresentatie 'Leren van Corona'

08 December 2021
12:25h - 17:15h
Organised by:
SVDC advies in crisisbeheersing

The corona crisis teaches us many lessons, because it is a unique event in nature and circumstances and in the duration and intensity of the measures. It is important that we properly safeguard the experiences, insights and lessons of this pandemic, and this can be done, among other things, by recording them in books. After the previous publication of the book 'Corona reveals system crisis' in January this year, a new book will be presented on December 8 during a seminar entitled: 'Learning from Corona; inspiring insights from practice'. During the seminar, the various authors will provide an explanation of their chapter and will enter into a debate with the audience present.

Unique book
The book is special because experiences, insights and lessons from different sectors of society are written down. For example, there are three contributions from the healthcare sector (hospital, mental health care and a director of public health). Three chapters are devoted to public administration (mayor, director of the Security Region and a former alderman for economy, tourism and events). The book is completed with stories from the business world (waste processing company as a vital sector), the education sector, as well as an astute analysis of freedom and security and a look at the international approach. The introductory chapter is written by professor Rob de Wijk.


Event is in Dutch. Registration is possible for both on-site - and online version of the event. All live attendants receive a free copy of the book. Online attendants can order a book and receive them via post. Click here to register.