CYDEF 2024: International Cyber Defense Conference

02 December 2024 - 06 December 2024
Organised by:
Organization for Cyber Defense Innovation

This conference brings together experts in the field of cyber defense from around the world, to disseminate information, share awareness and establish collaboration. It aims to deepen and broaden understanding of these objectives through discussions.


Dissemination of information means gathering experts and knowledgeable people with various experiences and knowhow, and providing a forum for them to present their opinions. This allows us to come into contact with information to which we are not usually exposed, and to obtain hints for solving everyday problems.


Sharing awareness is about collective perceptions and gaining a foundation of understanding through presentations. This allows us to understand the common threats and work together to address them.

Establishing collaboration means understanding each other and building common ground through presentations, allowing us to cooperate on common issues.


While listening to the discussions of experts and specialists worldwide, we hope to build a framework for mutual understanding and cooperation by presenting similar issues and approaches from different countries and positions.