Cyber Breakfast Session

07 September 2021
Signaalrood 25, 2718SH Zoetermeer
Organised by:

Computest is hosting a small scale (in-person) informative breakfast session for C-Level executives. This is a non-commercial event with guest speakers and opportunities to exchange ideas about practical ways to improve an organisation’s security posture based on their strategy, key objectives and cyber-related risk.

Guest speaker:
Martijn Ronteltrap - Director GRC/chief Security Officer at T-Mobile

What can attendees expect from the session?
> See where cybersecurity plays a critical role in their business continuity.
> Learn where organisation's struggle and what are the lessons learned?
> Get insights how to build governance and ultimately use cybersecurity for reaching goals faster and more efficiently.
> A basic risk and security strategy methodology to reflect on their organisational goals and related risk.

Please note: this is an RSVP event only, please submit request to attend via Justin Black