HSD Cafés

Several times a year, an HSD Café is organised around a key security topic relevant for the HSD network. The HSD Cafés serve to inform the network about the latest developments and opportunities, but also to discuss challenges. The HSD Cafés are organised by HSD Office and are open to professionals, experts, students, and all who are interested.


During the HSD Café, we invite you to discuss key security topics and meet potential (new) business partners. The informal and interactive setting allows you to:

  • Discuss challenges and opportunities on security topics
  • Meet potential business partners
  • Interact with- and learn from experts, professionals, students, and each other’s perspectives
  • Boost your network


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Practical Information

HSD Cafés take place between 15:00h – 18:00h, at the HSD Campus. The HSD Café are free to attend without cost. Below you will find an overview of the upcoming HSD Cafés. Click on the HSD Café you would like to attend to register.


Are you an HSD Partner?

Besides the opportunity to participate at the HSD Café as visitor, as HSD partner you can have the opportunity to participate in the programme as expert or keynote speaker. Moreover, you are able to pitch your security challenge related to the topic. The participants are then invited to discuss possible solutions for your challenge. Interested in your speaking opportunity? Contact us for more information.


Non-Dutch speakers please note: the main language for the HSD Café will be Dutch. This means that most presentations will be given in Dutch. However, non-Dutch speakers are more than welcome to join the discussions as well.  


*Except during the summer 


An overview of the upcoming HSD Cafés: