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MKB DigiCafé

Are you an entrepreneur looking for information and inspiration about doing business in a digital world?

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In collaboration with MKB DigiWerkplaatsen Rijnmond and The Hague, IT Campus Rotterdam and the Dutch Innovation Factory, HSD organises an MKB DigiCafé every month. This is an online café, where experts are invited, visuals are shown that give a concrete view of an idea or problem, and where participants can have conversations with experts to gain more knowledge about doing business in a digital world. Each MKB DigiCafé presents a new topic that connects to a current topic and helps you keeping your organisation resilient in a quickly changing, digital world.


It is important that SMEs are better involved in the developments and risks about digital business. Often, SMEs become victim of cybercrime for example, with enormous consequences for the organisation. By attending MKB DigiCafé, you make sure that your organisation is well informed about all information regarding succesfull digital business.


Please check our overview of upcoming DigiCafés here or take a look in the archive!


For more information, please visit MKB DigiWerkPlaats website.


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