Real Time Intelligence

The security domain is increasingly functioning in chains and networks, using observations, resources and information from many sources to create real time intelligence, resulting in better responses to incidents and crises and more effective criminal investigation and public order management. The evolvement towards a networked security domain requires new technologies and ICT-networks to co-evolve towards Systems of Systems. This demands new ways of organising, daring to think beyond professional boundaries, and redefining traditional roles and responsibilities.

This will not be the end of the developments. There are also promising perspectives for self-learning, self-adaptation, applying autonomously moving clouds of sensors, reconfigurable sensors etc. The challenge is to support professionals on several tasks such as surveillance, maintenance, detection, forensics and incident handling. These tasks involve identification, observation, detection of people or other objects, behavior and behavior patterns that (might) lead to threats and incidents. Shared information and shared situational awareness, real time intelligence, and business intelligence need to be developed, upon which coordinated and effective action can follow. This will result in for example a better response to (imminent) incidents and crises, more effective criminal investigation and public order management.


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