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Fortezza MSSP is the strategic ICT partner for many IT issues regarding the knowledge domains: Managed ICT, Digital transformation, Managed data, Software development and Managed Security.


Fortezza MSSP is a managed security provider and ISO27001 certified and acts as a security partner that provides several security services in the area of cyber security such as SOC/SIEM with Alienvault, IAM in the Cloud, Governance Risk and Compliance, Awareness and guidance and Pen testing as well as Vulnerability scanning. We focus on the security of all small and medium enterprises that must be compliant. But our emphasis is on securing organizations that work together in network chains or network formation within the health - and financial sector. And since security is no business driver but a very strong prerequisite for innovation and for collaboration between organizations, we always seek the balance between cost effectiveness and acceptable safety.


To keep up the pace with the demand for security we invest heavily in standardisation and automation and make our services as generic and flexible as possible. Also, we want to offer our cyber security services in a transparent way to our customers as they are gradually and constantly changing and innovate. On top of this all cyber security services can be offered stand-alone but can also be integrated to offer more synergy.


Our strength is built on a mix of operational excellence and customer intimacy. Each cyber security service consist of many standard and best practice components from which the customer can choose. As a result, the customer is in the driver seat and determines up to a certain degree the security and costs.

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