InnoValor is a research-based advice and software company in the area of digital innovations. A focus area is digital trust, identity and privacy. We especially advice government, financial sector and service providers on security-related innovations. Example projects are on biometric authentication, mobile identity, Privacy Impact Assessments, personal data sharing and re-usable identities such as successors of DigiD (DigiD app, Idensys, iDIN etc).


Our flagship software product is ReadID. ReadID is a mobile identity verification solution that runs a common smartphone and uses NFC to read and verify the contactless chip in ePassports and similar ID documents. Use cases includes police officers doing identity checks in the street and mobile consumer onboarding for banks.


InnoValor is a member of the European Institute of Technology, EIT Digital. ReadID won the Accenture Innovation Award 2016 in the area of a safe & secure society. InnoValor has offices in Enschede and Amersfoort.


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