For organisations who aspire to have a proactive security strategy, Recorded Future, the leading SaaS security intelligence solution, uses patented machine learning to deliver the only complete security intelligence solution with automated, contextual, and relevant intelligence for empowering security teams to defeat cyber threats. Unlike laborious manual processes that limit the scope of analysis, Recorded Future collects applicable security intelligence from an unparalleled breadth of external sources and customer-proprietary data in real time and delivers customized analytics and alerts to dramatically improve business decisions, operational efficiency and network defense.

Today, due to the rapidly changing and aggressive nature of cyber attacks, effective security teams are transforming their programs from regulation and compliance-based to 100% risk-based. This transformation has created a need for a new set of security solutions that can provide insights on external threat trends to inform long-term security strategy as well as identify and alert in real time on threats that pose a real risk to the organization.     

Threat intelligence is an essential part of understanding the real threat landscape, prioritizing risk reduction spend, and responding to threats faster and more effectively. Without the outside perspective that security intelligence provides, organizations cannot effectively execute a risk-based approach to managing security programs. To be effective, security intelligence must provide broad visibility, centrally collect and manage internal and external intelligence, deliver relevant information in real time, and be seamlessly integrated into existing security processes and technologies.

Security intelligence is not another silo in security — it is a component of all security functions. Intelligence-led security includes:

Identify – Gain a comprehensive view of the real threat landscape targeting the organization and create a measurable view of the risk environment.  

Protect – Identify current and future threats targeting the organization and use intelligence to align security investments and solutions to maximize risk reduction.

Detect – Leverage knowledge of attack patterns to hunt for threats inside the organization and add context to event alerts to quickly identify true incidents. 

Respond – Research incidents for faster, more complete response.

Recover – Identify stolen information — credentials and sensitive IP — before it is used in an attack - and remediate quickly to reduce damage to the business.

Intelligence applies across all functional teams in security:

Security leadership – Effectively prioritize spend and strategic allocation based on real risk assessment

Threat analysis – Find and respond to external threats and threat actors.

Security operations – Accelerate triage and extend visibility with external context; alert on previously unknown threats.

Vulnerability management – Effectively prioritize based on real-time exploitation information.

Incident response – Accelerate scoping, attribution, and remediation with external context.

Vendor Risk Management - work with threat intelligence teams to incorporate real-time cyber risk monitoring into a risk management program.

By combining persistent and pervasive automated data collection and analytics with human analysis, Recorded Future delivers intelligence that is timely, accurate, and actionable. In a world of ever-increasing chaos and uncertainty, Recorded Future empowers organizations with the visibility they need to identify and detect threats faster; take proactive action to disrupt adversaries; and protect their people, systems, and assets, so business can be conducted with confidence. Recorded Future is the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security, trusted by more than 1,000 businesses and government organisations around the world.