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Lucom digitizes business processes for its customers, using the software platform LIP (Lucom Interaction Platform). In addition to efficiency, full focus is always placed on security and compliancy. To guarantee integrity and authenticity, we combine technology, legal and process rules within our application scope. This approach results in maximum compliance and minimizes business risks due to fraud, errors, incidents and claims for our customers. But certainly, also for the community that is related to their business processes and transactions. 


In many cases we integrate eIDAS-compliant digital signing and sealing of business documents and transactions. For example, documents such as invoices, contracts, purchase orders and reports. For any given situation, the most appropriate technology can be deployed using one central Sign & Seal centre. The available technologies are: 

  • Biometric Signing (for signing during face-to-face meetings or via a special app). 
  • Qualified PKI Signatures (a personal digital signature that can be added to documents) 
  • Audit Processing (for internet-based signing. The identity of the signer is verified with multi-factor authentication and all process actions are stored in a sealed (eIDAS - compliant Audit Report).
  • Company Qualified PKI Seal (as proof of the authentication and integrity of documents that an organization produces and distributes). For each of these processes, all actions are audited. The applications are therefore not only legally, technically and functionally compliant, but also 100% auditable. 

The application also makes processes reliable for external participants. They can be sure that a document has not been altered (integrity), where it comes from (authenticity) and who has signed it (identity). In addition, participants can trust that documents (with confidential data) are not shared with other parties. Business contracts and documents usually consist of confidential data and/or company critical information. It should not be a first choice to outsource these secure documents for handling by a third (commercial) party. This is why Lucom always offers its solutions within the customer's domain. 


Ask yourself the following question: "Does it make sense when you have drafted a contract, including a serious 'confidentiality' clause, with an employee, customer or supplier, that the first thing you do with the same document is to share it with a 3rd party who has no part or dealings with the agreement itself?" Outsourcing is not only a contradictory choice, but it can also lead to a claim by the other party for breach of contract. The sharing of secured information usually requires that one party must have the consent of the other contracting party. And disregarding these contractual terms entails a relevant risk. 


ID verification by Signature 

For many processes it is enough to complete them by signing to secure the conditions in case of any (legal) disputes in the future. But there are also processes where an organization wishes to ensure in real time that the signatory is actually the person appointed. In these cases, the available Lucom technology can provide various solutions, such as: 

  1. Biometric signature + ID verification: Permanent signers (internal employees or frequent customers) sign a signature profile (3 or 4 signatures). From that moment on, there is always a verification check when this person signs. The copying of signatures or the signing by assistants or others is consequently a thing of the past. This solution is in use at many banks, including a bank in the Netherlands where hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously secure their identity by signing. 
  2. A verification procedure within the signing process of qualified PKI signed documents. This verification takes place before transactions are carried out. When a document is signed with an eIDAS Q-PKI, the counterparty can trust the displayed identity of the signatory 


The Lucom philosophy is to provide the best and most flexible total solution for secure digital signing. Moreover, this solution should not be limited to the strict letter of the law. It must guarantee maximum security and confidentiality for all participants in a business agreement or transaction. 

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