Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma
Initiator and managing director
Benoordenhoutseweg 21, 2596 BA The Hague

JanusID is a Netherlands based organisation, part of the Oribi Groep. We provide products and services for simplifying the use and management of personal identities, enabling efficient and reliable B-to-B and B-to-C interaction. At the same time ensuring the risks associated with the processing of personal data are well controlled.

JanusID's products and services “by design” meet the generally accepted needs for privacy, security and trust. In addition, they are practical and logical to use. So you can get started quickly.

  1. CheckedID – identity verification: Document based identity verification. Prospective employees and customers can prove their identity quickly and in accordance with regulatory requirements. To be used stand-alone, as well as smoothly integrated in other platforms. The most complete and reliable IDV service available.
  2. ShowID – personal authorisation: The universal company pass(port) with which staff can quickly and reliably prove who they are. Both online but also in physical environments at controlled facilities like security gates. With tailorable exchange of personal data. Very lightweight solution for managing major security and authorisation risks.
  3. JanusID Open ID service (2022): Our high trust, transnational digital identity service. To support interactions at all eIDAS levels globally.

Why “Janus"?
Janus is the Roman god with two faces, who watched over the gates of the city. He ensured security and social order, having an eye for all party’s interests. Likewise, at JanusID we aim to deliver identity services that help people improve the way they’re interacting. Both in online and physical environments.


Mid 2022 Janus ID was acquired by ORIBI Groep. More info >