Yasin Chalabi
Manager Professional Insurance & Cyber and Data Risks
+31 6 1267 8276
Eerste verdieping, Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 595B, 1082 LD Amsterdam

Hiscox is specialised like no other in insuring you, your family, your business and your precious possessions.


As a private insurer, we offer high net-worth individuals excellent insurances and an understanding of their situation. As a business insurer, we specialise more than anyone else in insuring independent entrepreneurs in the business services sector. You will notice this from our fast and always correct claim settlement. But above all, from our service, which is completely based on one principle: we solve problems for you. After all, you have enough on your mind after a claim has been made. It is a way of doing business and thinking along with you that is as pleasant as it is correct.