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Vice President
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Comsec - Global Cybersecurity  Experts.

Want to get to know the worlds top cyber team? Want to expand your team with our expertise? Our team is ready to assist you. 

For over 30 years, Comsec leads the Israeli cybersecurity market -, serving over 1000 global enterprise and SMB’s clients, delivering top experts of cyber services & solutions. Your organization deserves the bestcybersecurity. Any expert cyber task you need done; from Ransomware readiness, ethical hacking / red-Teaming, Incident Response or delivering Cyber Service Automation Platforms, compliance preparations & certification, technical & executive cyber drills, training & workshops,and more; ’ we are here to serve you, contact the Comsec global experts.

Today’s Cyber Challenges

Today’s growing automation demand, increased number of critical web-applications, secure e-Commerce & cloud requirement with 3rd party dependencies, an increased threat landscape and many highly advanced cyber attacks this is not an easy task. 

Businesses need to secure and assure business continuity, business availability and brand value. To achieve this they need to put cyber security first.

  • Ransomware attacks have become e real threat.
  • E-Commerce has become extremely critical to many organizations.
  • Web facing critical business assets need to be available ALL the TIME in support of your business revenue growth.
  • Chief executives are responsible to assure the business and brand is secure.

With the need to pro-actively defend yourself, implement the right processes,update yourself with the latest techniques and cyber expertise, customers have selected Comsec to work together with your teams to give your business the cutting edge and assurance required to mitigate and minimize the cyber risk we all face today. We are welcoming you to contact us to learn more.


Innovation by Cybersecurity Automation

Having good defensive measures in place is necessary; however the correct implementation and multiple layer advanced attacks will always be looking to bypass these defenses.

This requires recurring testing & validation cycles versus defensive measures only. Today’s modern CISO’s prepare both organization and the IT teams accordingly and include all 3rd party services in the independent testing cycles.

Comsec experts injected 30 years of global cyber experience to redefine cyber prevention, developing the Comsec Cyber Automation suite; to put your teams in the lead. Assure your business cyber resilience by using Comsec’s unique D.Storm DDoS-attack simulation platform: The most complete ‘out-of-the-box’ enterprise grade cyber automation platform - to test all critical web-facing, e-Commerce and cloud assets within and outside your organization towards applicative, volumetric and infrastrure attack resilience.

Comsec can operate the platform for you, or trains and certifies your (red)-team. Contact us to schedule a demo!

What is D.Strom?

Redefining your Cyber Prevention; The D.Storm SAAS solution will give your business organization the competitive edge and security validation you are looking for.

D.Storm will elevate your team’s knowledge leveraging the more then 20+ out of the box attack scenarios covering all types of known attacks such as Applicative, Volumetric, and Infrastructure attacks.

  • Automate your validation and testing process.
  • Build your scenarios  - can be customized to your specific needs.
  • Reduce your teams project time and execution by approximately 60 to 80% saving you a lot of time and money.
  • Get exact insights in your cyber resilience status.
  • Helps you to understand exactly how to mitigate any found gaps.

D.Storm customers use the D.Storm saas platform as their web-, cloud-, e-commerce and 3rd party test & validation platform of choice.


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