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Baker Tilly solves the issues that entrepreneurs face. At Baker Tilly, we are more than just accountants and tax advisers. We offer a full range of services, including statutory audits, advice on VAT, employment law consulting, acquisition guidance, business valuations, financial staffing, IT consulting, and business strategy.


With a strong focus on serving the public sector, including  many knowledge institutes and (semi-)governmental organisations,  and middle market, privately-held businesses,  we help our clients plan for the future and stay on track to achieve their goals.


Through our considerable knowledge and extensive professional network, we offer the insight and advice needed to inspire new ideas and allow you to focus on what you do best: running your organisation.


Every day, 700 professionals located at 17 offices throughout the Netherlands share their expertise with you and your company to offer immediate solutions. Moreover, as an independent member of Baker Tilly International, our expertise extends far beyond international borders.


Our financial year ending 30 June 2015 combined numbers of independent members of Baker Tilly International are:
• Combined revenue: US$3.8bn
• Member firms: 165
• Countries: 141
• Offices: 745
• People: 28,000
• Ranking: 8th largest network by combined revenue


Topics Baker Tilly

Are you interested in establishing a business or branch in the Netherlands? Or are you operating in the Netherlands already, and want to be absolutely sure that you are in compliance with all the rules and requirements? Do you wish to ensure real-time control of the accounting and tax position of your company? The knowledgeable advisors at Baker Tilly are ready to assist you.


Our main services include:
• Audit & Accounting
• Corporate Legal Consultancy
• Customs, import duties and excise duties
• Expat Services
• Indirect Tax
• Market Entry Advisory
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Tax Advice
• Tax Representation
• Value Assessment
• Research & Development
• Innovation
• Transfer Pricing
• VAT & E-commerce


We can answer questions about Dutch tax and other legislation, about rendering your financial accounts, the best legal form to choose or obligations imposed by the Chamber of Commerce. Our advisors proactively identify, assess and discuss any opportunities of risks with regard to your company. Our expertise also extends to international issues relating to Audits, Accounting and Tax Advice.


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