Hawre Rahimi
Naritaweg 114, 1043 CA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Video is everywhere and inevitable. The next generation workforce really is already used to use video to communicate with their friends, classmates and family. They really understand the power of videoconferencing in their daily life. But the question is whether the future employers are ready for this.

Kinly is provider of managed videoconferencing services with a strong focus on innovating the primary business process of our customers and prospects with the use of videoconferencing. The launching customer of Kinly was the Dutch Police. Together with them we developed a secure service with which the Police can guarantee that interrogations are done in a proper way. Based on that experience we have developed a vision on what the role of video can be in the wheel of justice and in the security domain. But also on how governmental organisations can collaborate better using one common video collaboration platform. Video, in all its formats (live, recorded or still) should be securely and easily transferable, but also stored and interpreted, between different organisations.


We serve almost 300 customers, ranging from governmental to multinational organizations with offices around the world, in over 120 countries all from our Kinly Cloud based video collaboration platform. We are is ISO 9001 , ISO 26000 and 27001 certified and all communication over our cloud based platform is handled in a secure and encrypted manner.


From 15 March 2018, VisionsConnected has been renamed Kinly. 


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