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Tergos has the largest IT Infrastructure & Security network in the Netherlands. At Tergos we do not follow, we lead. We have the courage and drive to challenge clients and IT professionals to make the digital world a safe place. The experienced Tergos team focuses on staffing in the IT Infrastructure & Security market with a triple-niche focus.


Tergos distinguishes itself from the competition by applying a triple niche focus with the following components:

  1. Niche focus;
  2. Focus on one type of employment;
  3. Regional focus.

This means that our team is divided into various specialisms within the IT niche. One consultant focusses on, for example, Cyber ​​Security specialists (niche focus) for permanent employment (one type of employment) in the province of South Holland (region focus). At Tergos, we map the entire market according to this triple niche-focus. As a result, we know exactly what is going on in the market.


We maintain intensive contact with clients and professionals. In addition to following weekly training ourselves, we also organize various meetups and networking events throughout the year. Here, clients and professionals come together to share their thoughts on various hot topics in the market. Aside from that, we share the latest trends & developments through blogs, interviews and social media posts. With strong determination, we show that things can be done differently every day.