Frans Razoux Schultz
Cornelis Vermuydenstraat 21, 1018RN Amsterdam

ATS Card Solutions secures authentication (online and in person) through a unique combination of an offline SmartCard and biometrics. Our software platform allows clients to choose the right combination of up to 8-factor authentication, which can be integrated via REST API with any existing systems. Our system combines industry-leading levels of security with a user experience that is quick and easy.


Our highly-secure SmartCard uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity in combination with a smartphone to offer a wide range of authentication methods. Because of the powerful processing power of the card and the speed of the connectivity, it is possible to securely push signed firmware updates to the card during the authentication process, guaranteeing maximum agility in meeting future requirements and in responding to possible security vulnerabilities.


Our state-of-art secure encryption protocol guarantees that only the person with a specific MeeLock card can login through biometric authentication mechanisms. Our proprietary algorithms span a backend service, Android and iPhone libraries and embedded firmware.


ATS Card Solutions makes it easy to implement a company-wide access management solution or even to extend secure access to consumers.


Please contact us for more information and a free information workshop.