Top Sectors Bundle Innovative Power in CS4NL

20 okt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

CS4NL (Cybersecurity for the Netherlands) was revealed yesterday. This programme bundles innovative power within cybersecurity of all top sectors in the Netherlands and aims to tackle cybersecurity challenges that come from societal transitions by organising efficient collaboration. Goals include the improvement of cybersecurity knowledge and innovation by combining supply and demand on specific cases and extricating new funds from existing innovation-instruments.


"The goal of CS4NL is not just to strengthen the cyber resilience of Dutch organisations. The effect will be a strengthening of the Dutch economy and our international position compared to competitors", said Frits Grotenhuis, Director Topsector ICT. CS4NL will have an estimated budget of 27 to 44 million euros for the next five years.


CS4NL will be taking on seven cyberthemes related to the larger societal transitions the Netherlands is facing. Examples include the energy transition, innovations in mobility and safe medical care provided at home. The themes are:

  1. Security by Design
  2. Safe Datadriven Work
  3. Secure Connectivity
  4. OT/IT Security
  5. Cyber Risk Management
  6. System and Chain Security
  7. Cyber Awareness, Knowledge and Skills

From themes to investments in knowledge and innovation

Within these seven themes, calls will be opened for scientific research starting in 2023. Knowledge institutions will be able to submit applications in collaboration with businesses, governmental institutions and CSO's. So far, twelve use-cases have been developed. Examples include secure digitalisation for remote patient care, accuracy of sensordata in windfarms, cyberresilience for smaller businesses in logistics, and increased understanding of complex IT and OT systems and networks required in societal sectors such as energy, water management and the horticultural sector.


At the foundation of CS4NL is an ecosystem consisting of organisations such as the Academic Cyber Security Society (ACCSS), NWO, TNO, Cyberveilig Nederland, Regional Development (through Innovation Quarter), the ministry of Defence. Tangentially involved are departments of the ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate, and Justice and Security. The programme was initiated by Topsector ICT and dcypher. 


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