The Netherlands Starts Realisation GPT-NL, Its own Open AI-language Model

03 nov 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Netherlands will develop its own open language model: GPT-NL. This develops, strengthens and perpetuates digital sovereignty. Non-profit parties TNO, NFI and SURF will jointly develop the model in order to take an important step towards transparent, fair and verifiable use of AI in accordance with Dutch and European values and guidelines and with respect for data ownership. The open language model will be hosted in a virtual facility to facilitate broad experimentation and innovation. Funding of 13.5 million euros for the plan is awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy/RVO. 


The Netherlands is taking an important step in the development of public expertise and experience in the field of generative AI language models. An own open language model strengthens expertise in this subject and also provides an incentive for research and innovation in the field of AI. Furthermore the virtual facility part of this project aims at democratising the responsible use of the technology by facilitating experiments and knowledge sharing.


Open Virtual Facility

GPT-NL will be a virtual facility open to partners who want to contribute data and knowledge or who want to develop applications based on GPT-NL. This way it can be used by academic institutions, researchers and governments as well as companies and general users. It allows them to explore and try out language models in general including specific applications in the areas of security, health, education, services and numerous other domains. This way the technology and knowledge development of GPT-NL will make the technology itself more transparent, provide space for experimentation and bring innovation back in the hands of end-users.


Finally, the implementation of the plan consists of two main phases. The focus in the first year is on the concrete development of the Dutch language model where the partners will work in close collaboration with the academic sector. The next phase is that of exploitation, in which a platform is made available deploying the model itself. 


Role Security Delta (HSD) and Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC)

Joris den Bruinen: "Congratulations to TNO, NFI and SURF and everyone involved in your organisations. We are very proud of your success! It is an important step for Dutch AI and LLM technology development, Dutch people (including those with dialects and speech impediments) and our (digital) security and economy. We are pleased that HSD and NL AIC were able to play a facilitating role through the Security, Peace and Justice working group in the realisation of this consortium and project."


More information

For more info about the project a special Q&A has been launced.


Read the report about the current state of Dutch language technologies in the Netherlands and Flanders from 2021.


Source: TNO (in Dutch)

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