Alert Online Kick-Off event 2023

02 okt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 2 October, the Alert Online Kick-Off event for the Cyber Security Month took place at the City Hall of the municipality of The Hague. This years' theme is 'The digital emergency service: who will help you in a cyber crisis?'. During the kick-off event, the results of the annual cybersecurity awareness research ‘secure online’ were presented. The research was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK).


In this month public-private partners such as the national government, municipalities, businesses, police and knowledge institutions participate and organise events to create cybersecurity awareness. For example Alert Online had opened a special expo in the City Hall, where residents find practical tips & tools to enhance their cyber resilience. 


Alert Online Exhibition 

Marjolijn Bonthuis-Krijger welcomed the attendents of the kick-off event, followed by Melle Conradie of I&O Research presenting the results of the Alert Online Cybersecurity Research 2023.


Key findings Alert Online Research

  • Similar to 2022, three-quarters of Dutch people consider their own knowledge about online risks such as phishing, hacking and malware to be reasonable to good.
  • Two-thirds of Dutch consumers and 59% of company employees do not report cyber-attacks or crime.
  • One fifth of small SMEs still take no action to be digitally secure.
  • Phishing remains the most common cybercrime with 21%

Read the full report and official press release here (in Dutch)


In addition partners entered the stage to speak about their initiatives and events to create cybersecurity awareness during the ENISA Cyber Security Month. The project Cyber Heroes was launched by Tim Murck from HackShield Future Cyber Heroes and Astrid Oosenbrug from ESET Nederland gave a training course 'Digital emergency service'. 


Overview activities in NL 

The cybersecurity activities and events organised in the Netherlands can be found on the Alert Online website. From 2-6 October the Cyber Security Week will also take place in the Hague including the ONE Conference, International Business Event, ECSO Cyber Investors Days. 

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